Airvibe Certificate

We are introducing Airvibe Certificate - You will get a certificate after completing the courses from our website, absolutely for FREE, so that you showcase your skills to the world.

 (You can also frame it and hang it on your wall or show it your Paros waali Aunty)

Eligibility: (Fulfill this to get your certificate from Airvibe Skills Academy)

  1. You have to submit a proof that you have downloaded this course from our site. (browser history screenshot)
  2. You have to answer some questions related to that skill.
  3. You have to submit your email or Telegram address.
  4. Proof that you are happy, by sending two happy emojis. :)

Yes I am ready, Go ahead.

----------For Support----------

Telegram us @raghav_airvibe (Message Now) or Comment Below.

For business :

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  1. Certificates are absolutely free. Apply now from the above link or message CERTIFICATE on Telegram:


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