SwiftUI – Build Tinder Clone – iOS 14 – Xcode 12

Here is what you may expect to pick up.
SwiftUI – Build Tinder Clone – iOS 14 – Xcode 12

Putting together genuine views with SwiftUI
Managing the flow of data with Swift UI across an operational application
Easily creating views that can be reused
Putting MVVM into Practice Using SwiftUI
The process of binding your data to the requirements of your UI.
Having a fundamental understanding of the Swift UI principles
Fundamental familiarity with the programming language Swift
Knowledge of iOS Development fundamentals
Let's develop a genuine iOS app together using SwiftUI and take use of all the new capabilities in iOS 14!

In this course, you will be constructing a Tinder clone for iOS that is both functional and replicates the majority of the genuine app's features. The fundamentals of SwiftUI will be covered in depth during this course, along with their application. Using Apple's most recent user interface framework, you will acquire the skills necessary to construct views that are both attractive and complicated. Developing for iOS using SwiftUI is the way of the future; thus, it is time for you to add this talent to your developer portfolio!

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Developing actual iOS apps is the most effective approach to learn iOS programming. In this course, you will study the foundations of strong architecture, and you will also learn how to effectively load and move data across a bigger application that has numerous displays.
We are going to forego developing a server or a networking layer so that we can maintain our concentration on how to construct views with SwiftUI. When it comes time to display the user interface, we shall load our data locally. You won't have to rewrite any of the code in order to construct your very own networking layer if you use the MVVM design, which is simple and straightforward.

Specifications of a Technical Nature:

Xcode Version: 12.2 iOS Version 14+
The previews of SwiftUI need a minimum of MacOS version 10.15. I'm using Mojave 11.2.1
The structure was built like this: MVVM
There is little doubt that SwiftUI is the way of the future for iOS development. Don't put it off any longer.

Learn to read and write now!

This class is in no way connected to the dating app Tinder® or the company Match Group, LLC. There is never any disclosure of the actual Tinder application's source code. The following lines of code are my idea on how I would construct the app using SwiftUI.

Who should take this course: SwiftUI developers with an intermediate to expert skill level
iOS Developers who are already familiar with UIKit and want to learn SwiftUI iOS Developers who are just getting started with iOS programming and want to learn SwiftUI iOS Developers who want to improve their design abilities

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