Graphic Designing Premium Courses [12 GB]



1)2D Animation Essentials in Anime Studio Pro Adobe Illustrator Crash Course
2)Fundamentals of Photoshop: Getting Started with the Interface, Tools, and Layers (Photoshop I)
3)Fundamentals of Photoshop: Drawing, Layers, Masks, and Selections (Photoshop II)
4)Fundamentals of Photoshop: Typography and the Pen Tool (Photoshop III)
5)Fundamentals of Photoshop: Color, Swatches, and Blending (Photoshop IV)
6)Fundamentals of Photoshop: Creating Efficient Workflows, Tips, and Tricks (Photoshop V)
7)Master Game Development With Unity Game Engine Volume 1 - 16
8)Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 for Beginners


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