After Effects from Scratch in 2022


Here is what you may expect to pick up.

Discover After Effects Starting from Scratch in the Year 2022

You will learn how to build motion graphics and several other animations using After Effects as your primary tool.

You will become proficient in the creation of a Pie chart, as well as a Color Mask and a Map Animation, amongst other things.

Through the use of expressions, in which you write code to control a property's value, you will acquire the knowledge necessary to edit motion graphics.

This course will cover a wide variety of animation techniques, including Camera Tracking, Alpha Matte, Transformations, Build-in Presets, and more. ‘

You'll also learn how to edit old pictures and do image restoration throughout this lesson.


This class does not need any previous understanding of video editing or motion graphics; nevertheless, if you already have some experience in any of those areas, it may be to your benefit to take this class.


From the very beginning of this class, you will dive headfirst into the world of motion graphics, visual effects (VFX), and several other animation techniques using After Effects. You could be a video editor or a content developer who is interested in expanding your knowledge of motion graphics and visual effects. If this is your first time, have no fear; there is no need to fret since you will begin from square one. There will also be discussion of more complex animations and approaches, such as Track Motion, Pie Chart, and Map Animation.

What is After Effects, and how is it distinct from other applications that perform a similar function?

Adobe After Effects is a programme that was created by Adobe Systems that is used in the post-production process of film, video games, and television. It is capable of producing digital visual effects, motion graphics, and composites. Vloggers and those who like motion graphics also use it very regularly.

How can you utilise After Effect Compositions if you're using a different video editing programme?

When it comes to video editing software, there are typically two methods to utilise a composition created in After Effects:

It is possible to export a video from After Effects composition and then edit the film in another programme.

After Effects may be used to create a motion graphics template, which can then be imported into Premiere Pro.

You will be introduced to the very first strategy in this class.

Will you be given instruction on how to utilise After Effects throughout this course?

Throughout this course, you will get familiar with the following animation techniques:

Putting Together a Piece of Music or Text

Timeline as well as Various Layers

There are presets available for use.

There are several different kinds of transformations, including Render Queue-Exporting Media Encoder-Exporting Scale, Opacity, Position, and 3D Rotation.

Color and tone of the background.

The Alpha Matte finish has a matte appearance.

Color-changing mask.

The structure of a pie chart.

Animated representation of a map.

Keeping track of the camera's position.

The people who should take this class are Creators and Visual Artists who want to learn how to convey their ideas graphically.

Anyone interested in learning motion graphics and animation in After Effects may benefit from this course.

You may be someone who edits videos or develops content and be interested in learning more about motion graphics and visual effects.



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