Mastering the Unix Command-line with Bash


Make a significant advancement in your development career by being familiar with the Unix command line from its infancy forward.

What you'll discover

Bash is an excellent tool for learning the Unix command-line.

Instructions on how to comprehend and carry out tasks

The Unix filesystem and how to navigate across it are covered.

Expansions and how to make best use of them

Learn how to deal with files and directories in this tutorial.

You'll learn how to redirect the input and output of a command in this tutorial.

How to make use of the text editors that are pre-installed on the terminal

So, what exactly are package managers, and how can I make use of them?

Learn how to create users, groups, and access rights in this tutorial.

How to handle a lot of processes at the same time


Having a fundamental understanding of how to use a computer and its programmes is required.


Hello and good day to everyone! A seasoned backend developer and online instructor, I will guide you through the process of learning the Unix shell in this course.

The graphical user interface (GUI) greatly simplifies our day-to-day computer activities, such as navigating between directories, editing files, and installing applications. However, the shell continues to be the best, and, in some cases, the only choice, for performing the vast majority of our responsibilities as developers, in part because it provides an exceptional amount of control over the operating system, in part because it provides an exceptional amount of control over the operating system.

Given the lack of a graphical user interface for technologies such as Git or Linux servers, shells are sometimes the only means to execute certain apps or connect to other computers.

This course will cover a lot of ground, but don't be concerned; I don't assume you're already familiar with the concepts of a terminal, command-line, or text editor, so we'll go over everything step-by-step in this course.

All you'll need is a computer or virtual machine that runs Linux or macOS to complete this task.

For the reason that theory alone is not sufficient, you will be given practical activities to do during each session to guarantee that the ideas you learn are retained.

Those interested in pursuing a programming profession at the beginning or intermediate level should take this course.


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