AWS Lambda – from ZERO to HERO


People that work with Lambda should have been aware of these issues prior to beginning their work.

What you'll discover

Amazon Web Services Lambda - from ZERO to HERO

Create and configure a new Amazon Web Services account.

Understand the fundamentals of AWS Lambda, including events, contexts, handlers, and the return value, in order to be able to utilise it effectively.

In order for Lambda to function properly, you must configure the IAM roles that are required.

Understand the pricing structure for AWS Lambda services.

Dependencies may be added directly or via layers of Lambda functions. This is how you will learn how to include dependencies into your code.

Create a connection between S3 and Lambda.

Discover how to tell the difference between a chilly and a warm starting point.

Learn how Lambda concurrency works and how to put it to use in your code.

To make advantage of asynchronous Lambda invocation more often, you must first understand what it is and where it is utilised.

Make use of a dead-letter queue for Lambda, such as the one shown here.


Python is a programming language that may be used to create computer programmes.

It is necessary to have some familiarity with UNIX-like systems.


When we complete this course, we will get a better understanding of the AWS Lambda service and how it operates. It all begins with the creation of an AWS account. In the next section, I'll take you on a "asynchronous invocation" trip to the summit of a mountain. The course is appropriate for those who are just starting out as programmers and need to learn how to utilise services such as AWS Lambda, which is covered in detail throughout the course. Also suitable for experienced developers who want to get a deeper understanding of the nuances and capabilities of the Lambda service, this course is highly recommended.

I believe you should take the course before beginning to work with the service to have a better understanding of these topics. What exactly is serverless computing? What is the function of environment variables in Lambda? When it comes to roles and resources, what is the difference? Among the many questions that are addressed in this movie are the following: Two lectures walk you through the process of setting up a trigger integration between the S3 service and the Lambda service in a step-by-step manner, which is the most useful aspect of the course. The majority of difficult concepts are shown through animations that are simple to grasp and smooth to watch.

We will only be able to utilise the Lambda service via Amazon Web Services. This is not going to happen in any way.

This course is intended for the following individuals:

Who should take the time to read this? People who wish to learn more about AWS Lambda and its capabilities.


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