Hackpack [Collection of many courses] 51 GB


Size : 51 GB

🔻Zsecurity All Courses(updated)

🔻Build A Python Speech Assistant   


🔻Python Project Create Real Software

🔻Make Google Translate App in 

    Python app developmenot with 


🔻Build A Python App That Tracks Amazon Prices!

🔻Coding Livestream Creating an Online Chat App with Python

🔻How to Create Calculator in Python - Full Tutorial

🔻How to make a Billing Software in Python 

🔻How To Make a Chatbot in Python


🔻Python Snake Game Written and Deployed on IPHONE in TWENTY MINUTES

🔻Ankit Fadia All Materials

🔻Computer virus guide

🔻Gmail Hacking guide

🔻Greyhat hacking

🔻Google secret guide

🔻Hacking highschool all ebook

🔻website hacking secret

🔻window xp hack

🔻Programing materials

🔻Kali linux All Materials

🔻Operating Systems Instalation guide(kali linux,Arch linux,Parrot Os,Termux,ubuntu)

🔻 CyberTraining365 Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

🔻Othet 250 materials

🔻Bug bounty Course

🔻Kali linux basic course

🔻Kali linux complete course

🔻Ethical Hacking complete course




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