Python 3 For Offensive PenTest: A Complete Practical Course


πŸ›‘ What you’ll learn ?

πŸ•› Learn how to code your own reverse shell [TCP+HTTP]

πŸ•§ Learn how to exfiltrate data from your target

πŸ• Make anonymous shell by interacting with [Twitter, Google Form, Sourceforge]

πŸ•œ Replicate Metasploit features and and make an advanced shell

πŸ•‘ Learn how to hack passwords using multiple techniques [Keylogger, Clipboard Hijacking]

πŸ• Learn how malware abusing cryptography by adding [AES,RSA,XOR] encryption to your shell

πŸ•’ Privilege escalation on windows with practical example

πŸ›‘ Description:-)

"When other’s tools fail, writing your own makes you a true penetration tester!"

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